8 Common Myths That Are Destroying Your Relationship

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sex is an important part of every relationshipWhen we get into a relationship, it seems as if things are absolutely perfect from the word go. There is nothing that could possibly go wrong, and most of us tend to keep on our rose-colored glasses for quite some time. Eventually, however, we begin to settle into life when we do, those rose-colored glasses tend to come off. It is at that point that we can either grow our relationship for the long-term or suffer the consequences.

Relationships are rather unusual, and there are no two that are exactly alike. What is perhaps most unusual, however, is the fact that there are so many misconceptions that surround relationships. It doesn’t matter if it is associated with when we move the relationship to a new level or if it is in regards to how we should look at each other on a day-to-day basis, those myths can shape our thoughts and in turn, can make our relationships flourish or fade. When you understand the truth about relationships, it really can make a difference in how long they last and how happy you are.

The following 8 myths have been circulating for quite some time, and it can be devastating to believe them.


1. You Know Everything There Is to Know about Your Significant Other

When we find that special someone, and we want to share our lives with them, it is not uncommon to feel as if they are our soulmate or at least one of the Best Realistic Sex Dolls. Although it certainly is true that two individuals can almost be made for each other, there is always going to be a little bit of mystery involved in the relationship. As a matter of fact, that mystery can be healthy and beneficial.

If you feel as if you know exactly what it takes to make your significant other happy at all times, you have fallen for one of the most common myths. In many cases, it leads to a lack of communication, and that can be the beginning of the downward spiral in any relationship, no matter who is considered the love doll in the relationship. Be sure that you communicate your feelings on a regular basis.


2. You Don’t Have To Work in Order to Make It Work

There is an old expression that says “love means never having to say you’re sorry.” That is also something that needs to be weeded out in any strong relationship. To make a relationship work and to keep it working for the long-term, it is necessary to work on it and to be consistent with your efforts.

Relationships are going to have their ups and downs, and that is a simple fact of life. Even if you are going through a rough period in your relationship, continue to work on it, and you will come out stronger on the other side. Of course, the effort needs to be mutual, but when it is, that is when the magic happens.


3. Our Passion Will Last Forever

There is something about the newness of any relationship that really makes the sparks fly. This is often referred to as sinology. The amount of time that the sparks last may differ from one relationship to another but eventually, we are all going to settle into our comfort level. When that happens, you may feel as if the passion has disappeared from your relationship.

This is another area where work needs to be done to keep things moving forward. If you find that you have fallen into a rut, try to add some spontaneity to the mix. It can work wonders.


4. Jealousy Is a Healthy Part of Love

Many people feel as if there is a healthy level of jealousy in a relationship. In reality, jealousy is a negative emotion, especially when it tends to drive a wedge between partners. Most of the jealousy is evidence of insecurity on the part of the individual who is displaying it. It usually comes up without any provocation, and in many cases, it is the beginning of the end in the relationship.

Not only is it important to work on any jealous tendencies you have, but it is also important to avoid making somebody jealous. Get rid of this poison from your relationship immediately.


5. You Can Strengthen a Relationship with Children

Many couples who are experiencing a downturn in their relationship decide to have children, feeling as if it will strengthen things. The opposite is often true. Having children can be wonderful, but it is also stressful and can complicate your life. When you add children to a relationship that is already suffering difficulties, it can make things even worse. This is bad for everyone in the relationship, including the child.


6. Therapy Should Only Be Considered When Serious Problems Occur

If you feel that couples therapy is a method of last resort, you are missing out on something beneficial. Therapy has helped many couples to shore up their relationship, many times before any serious problems have occurred. Of course, if you are already having serious problems in your relationship, couples therapy may be able to help as well. For those who are just beginning to see problems, however, it may be something that can help.


7. Your Relationship Should Be like Somebody Else’s Relationship

We live in a world that is connected electronically and, although that may be beneficial in some cases, it can also be detrimental to your relationship. If you are using the media and social networking to set the standard for your relationship, you are in trouble.

If you look at a social media profile and it seems as if they are living the perfect life, you need to think twice about what you’re seeing. Nobody’s life is perfect, and many times, you only see the highlights, not the reality.


8. Fights Are Bad for the Relationship

Although fighting is not the most pleasant thing to happen in a relationship, it is also something that should not be avoided. Arguing every once in a while can help to build up communication. At the same time, healthy communication can reduce a number of arguments you are experiencing.

Fascinating Things That You May Not Have Known About Love And Relationships

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Not every girl will be a sex doll and that's OKOver the years, countless scientists have studied the emotional response behind love and the behavioral changes that go along with being in a relationship. Some of the information that they have discovered is quite fascinating.

Most people dream of falling in love and building a lifelong relationship with another person. When you really start to think about it, however, you may begin to wonder why it is so important to be in love and how it is possible to keep love alive over a long period of time. One way to get answers to these seemingly impossible questions is to take a look at the science of love.

Below, you will find some fascinating information that you may not have previously known about love and relationships. All of these facts center around scientific studies that have been done in the recent past.


1. Does love at first sight exist?

At first glance, love at first sight can seem like a myth. After all, how is it possible to fall in love with someone when you don’t even know them? As it turns out, however, science has discovered that there may be more to this phenomenon than meets the eye. After studying scans of the brain, scientists found that it only takes a fraction of a second for the brain to respond after someone spots another person that they are attracted to.

This response produces chemicals such as oxytocin and dopamine that are closely linked with the feeling of love. The reaction that takes place in the brain is surprisingly similar to the reaction that occurs with certain types of drugs. The release of these neurotransmitters can result in feelings that are so powerful that they can become addictive.


2. Loving someone is different than lusting after them.

It is important to understand that there are key differences between love and lust. Most people who have short-term encounters with others that don’t go on to develop into longer-lasting relationships are left with the feeling of disappointment.

When you look at these two powerful emotions in terms of the effect that they have on the brain, the differences become even more apparent. Lust activates the parts of the brain that are responsible for staying motivated and feeling like you are being rewarded. Love, on the other hand, activates the areas of the brain that deal with compassion and nurturing.


3. Maintaining a relationship isn’t easy.

Despite what romance novels would lead you to believe, falling in love with someone doesn’t automatically guarantee that you will live out your lives together in happiness and joy. There is a lot of hard work that has to go into maintaining a relationship. When scientists studied couples who had been with each other for a long period of time, they found that each person supported the other and worked to help them achieve their goals and find satisfaction.

Successful couples often work together to experience new things in life and to grow as human beings. If you are struggling in your relationship, one way to rekindle the spark is to start doing things with your partner again. Taking part in activities together and supporting each other along the way can help solidify the feeling of love that you have for one another and can make your relationship stronger.


4. The quality of a kiss matters.

A couple of different studies have found that kissing and realistic sex is an important part of a relationship. This is especially true for women. Scientists found that women were more likely to take the quality of a man’s kiss into account when deciding whether or not they want to pursue a longer-term relationship.

As it turns out, kissing isn’t only important when a relationship is getting started. It also can have an impact on the happiness of both members of the relationship over time. Couples that kiss each other more often tend to be happier with one another.


5. Common relationship mistakes to avoid.

Over the years, the research that Professor John Gottman did in China has revealed some surprising facts including identifying some things that you should never do when you are in a relationship. If you want your relationship to last, make sure that you avoid these things:

  • Being disrespectful. You should always treat your partner with respect. Never roll your eyes at them or talk down to them. As cliché as it sounds, always treat them the way that you would want to be treated.
  • Criticizing one another. Criticism can erode a relationship. When you criticize your partner, it is like you are telling them that they are not good enough. This can change the way that they feel about you and can do permanent damage to your relationship.
  • Reacting defensively. Although it is important to stand up for yourself, you also need to know when to admit fault. You can’t grow in your relationship unless you are willing to accept that there are times that you will need to step up and take responsibility.
  • Refusing to listen or giving the silent treatment. Communication is key when it comes to successful relationships. The only way to work through problems is by talking openly about them.


6. Watching romantic movies can help your relationship.

As strange as it may sound, watching so-called ‘chick flicks’ or movies about other couples can actually help bring you and your partner closer together. This is especially true if you discuss the movie with one another after it is over. This is actually backed up by scientific evidence. In fact, studies have shown that watching relationship-based movies and talking about them after can be as effective as seeing a therapist for couples.

The theory behind this is that movies give couples an excuse to talk about problems in their own relationship in a way that is non-blaming. Couples can often find similarities between the characters in the movie and their own relationship that can help them resolve any issues that they are having.


7. It’s the little things that count.

You don’t have to go all out and surprise your partner with a huge romantic gesture. Instead, small, continual acts of love, kindness, and support are much more important for sustaining a relationship over a long period of time.

Bringing your partner a cup of coffee in bed, taking out the garbage, or helping out with the kids can all have a positive effect on your relationship. According to qualitative research that has been done, helping and supporting one another can go a long way toward building a strong, long-lasting relationship.


8. Couples start to resemble one another after they are together for a long time.

Even though it may sound a little bit weird, some studies have shown that couples begin to physically resemble one another after they have been together for a period of 25 years or longer.

There are a lot of theories as to why this occurs. The most obvious one is that couples usually eat the same types of food and live in the same environmental conditions, which may affect their appearance in a similar way. Sometimes, people also are naturally drawn to partners who have a lot of similarities to their own physical traits. Another theory is that the effect is simply the result of aging since most people’s appearance changes in pretty much the same way as they age.

Can you relate to any of these facts? If so, feel free to share your experiences below.